Meet Our Team

Prudence O'Brien-Heath & Wellness Director

Prudence was rescued 6 years ago from the high kill Downey shelter, she was pregnant (Megan calls her Prudence and the stowaways.) Once Prudence's puppies were all adopted she developed a passion for Healthy Treats!


Chopper O'Brien-Operations Manager

Chopper was saved 5 years ago from the high kill San Pedro shelter. He joined his sister Prudence at Dogipack figuring out the best way to logistically get our new Dogipack customers a way to experience the finest snacks on the market. He is very organized.

Annie Finn-Chief Taste Tester

Annie is a yellow lab friend of Prudence and Chopper's. Annie joined the team when she learned she would be expected to taste test everything. This is Annie's dream position.

Prudence, Chopper and Annie's mission is to find the very best treats and surprise our shoppers with samples!